A Couple of Long Days

This past week, Sunday/Monday May 8-9, Phil went for a couple of road trips with Dan Chapple to meet some new people, get to know them better and the towns where we minister.  Sunday to a small town called Xochitecatl outside of Puebla for the morning service, a teaching class after the service and then off to a town called Palmillas for a service in the evening  a couple of hours away.  Below are some photos of our time in these towns. We understood that the service was going to be at 6:00 pm, then when we arrived they said it would be at 7:00 pm, then when 7:00 pm came and went they said it wasn’t dark yet so we’d wait a while. Finally, sometime after 8:00 things got started.  The pastor started speaking around 9:30 and we left there sometime just before 11:00 pm.  By the time we delivered people home, it was about 2:00 am.


Then, on Monday went to Mexico City to the office of the Seminary where we get our training materials.  It was a fairly straight forward trip, except for the Oil Tanker accident on the highway on the way home which stopped traffic in both directions for several hours. Another late night getting home, but safe and sound!


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