Leadership Development

Building a Leadership Development Team has been a priority . . .

Misael – new team member
Bernabé, Moisés, Misael (above) and Phil now make up our Mexico national Leadership Development Team, working together to build into Leaders and see people established in God’s Word!

This past month (June 2021) our team invited this young man to join our team. Misael has shown his abilities as a student and desire to Tutor Seminary groups where he lives in Tampico. We are pleased that he is excited to join us and be part of developing leaders here in Mexico.

During the past year and a half with the many difficulties we’ve faced world-wide with the pandemic, we thought Leadership Development efforts would grind to a complete halt and that we’d need to start all over from the ground up. Praise the Lord, just the opposite happened! New believers and leaders have been eager to learn and grow. So much so, it’s been very difficult to keep up. These 3 gentlemen are keen to be part of our national Leadership Development Team. Our goal, encourage Pastors/Leaders and develop nationals who are firmly established God’s Word!

Misael, Moisés, Phil and Bernabé on their first official ministry trip together as a Team of four (June 2021).

Being in God’s Word is a priority . . .

We work with a Seminary called Semillas, a Seminary by Extension that provides SEAN resource material in Mexico. Unlike schools that have a physical campus, we go to places and people who have a desire to study God’s Word, provide them with the materials and support to help them through the challenges of studying and learning. The material begins on a discipleship level where seekers and believers in Jesus learn the basics of faith, God’s Word and what it means to follow Jesus. As the lessons continue, building on previous ones, students learn the importance of good leadership. They are invited into leadership roles under the guidance of local leaders and God’s call on their lives.

The goal?

Establish healthy Pastors and Leaders who are firmly grounded in God’s Word, taking it to those who are unreached with the Gospel!

Since the beginning of 2021 we’ve added 4 new discipleship/seminary study groups. We now have 22 groups of various sizes studying to become fully devoted followers of Jesus with the goal that many of them will become leaders. The Leadership Development Team focuses on equipping the Tutors who facilitate each group.

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