Please be praying for the ministry of Discipleship and Leadership Development in Mexico. There is a great need to build capacity in nationals as they extend the Gospel to unreached people.

Pray for . . .

October 2021

  1. Full Funding for Ministry – We are currently sending out a campaign to our Ministry Partners expressing the need for additional funding. The summer months and economic times have been difficult for many of our financial partners.
  2. Continued Connections – Pray that our connections to ministry will continue to flourish despite the many difficulties facing national believers. Many have been ill, lack work to provide for their families, and are discouraged.
  3. National Leadership Development Team – that as our team of nationals train and equip people in God’s Word, God will greatly transform lives to impact the world around them.
  4. Travel and Safety – that as our team travels throughout Mexico the Lord will give protection and safety despite corruption, Covid restrictions, and areas that can be dangerous/violent.
  5. Extending ministry into areas and among people that the Lord is preparing to raise up as leaders. We hope to see 2-3 new groups begin studying by the end of 2021.
  6. Resources – that funds are available to help provide resources for studying and building capacity in nationals.
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