Teaching Trip/Pastor’s Meeting

This past weekend Friday May 13 – Tuesday May 17 Phil went on another trip.  This time with Moises Ruiz to another part of Mexico where we do some teaching – Zacapoaxtla, Huitzilan, Pazmata, and then off to Chignahuapan for a meeting with the board of the Missionary Church of Mexico.

Carolyn has been busy baking at home this last couple of weeks trying to perfect recipes for a birthday party for the daughter of the principal of our language school at the end of May.  The cake below was a recipe she used as cupcakes the first time, but she decided to make it into a cake to see if it would turn out as well.  It was really good as a cake, but the cupcakes were better.  If you’d like the recipe, there isn’t really any specific one, it was an experiment of a vanilla cake, home-made marshmallow fluff, and a new lemon butter cream icing (with real lemon juice/zest – Yellow lemons can be hard to get here)!  Ta-da!

Below are some pictures from our trip.  If you are on Facebook, you’ll recognize most of these pictures that have been posted.

Prayer Update

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