The Seminary program we use for Discipleship and Leadership Development begins with two introductory books of basic discipleship. These studies cover the essentials of Christian life and understanding the Bible.

Connecting to God’s Word Daily

Check out this website for Daily Bible Reflections.

Connecting Youth

Today’s Youth are always on their phones! Yes, that’s true and it’s not about to change anytime soon. So, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to connect them to God’s Word in a deeper way.

WhatsApp Bible Study for Youth

Connecting to God’s Word.

Mario (right) comes from a poor family in the mountains of Puebla but is studying Agriculture at a local College online, like so many are these days. He was awarded a full scholarship for is high grades and academic excellence in High School. His goal is to help his family farm their land to its full potential and provide for their family’s needs.

Abel (left) helps out in his local church whenever possible, however, his work selling from town to town throughout Central Mexico makes it difficult. He has a real desire to learn and study God’s Word. When offered the opportunity to do a Bible Study via WhatsApp text, he was thrilled!

Growing in God’s Grace.

Mario is so eager to learn God’s Word and be a youth leader in their local church that has about 25 young people. He is one of the few that asks great questions beyond the regular lesson.

Currently, 14 youth/young adults are involved in our weekly Bible Study. They study a passage, reflect on it, respond to some questions and are asked how they can put it into practice. The whole process is very fluid, but it’s exciting to see these young people engage in God’s Word.

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