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During these uncertain and confusing times life keeps getting more and more complicated. Everything takes so much time to get anything done and there are so many added details and requirements to do what used to seem so easy. Let’s take a few moments to enjoy God’s incredible creation in nature. Below are a number…

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Here in Puebla, we have an active volcano, which has been more active recently. This past week we’ve seen lots of ash and smoke billowing up from the volcano. From our experience living in Puebla which has only been just a little over 6 years, it’s usually in the fall/winter months when we see more…

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Please be praying for Mexico! The following articles capture the reality of what’s been happening in Mexico the past month or so. << August Breaks Covid Records >> << Estimated Cases >> The past couple of weeks students have been returning to school. Depending on the state and municipality, some are going back full time…

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