Bake’n Take

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This past week was a busy week preparing for the weekend.  We hosted the October Bake’n Take on Saturday and Carolyn was asked to make the Anniversary Cake for the church we attend here in Puebla. See photos below.


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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever. 

– Psalm 118:1 NIV

Ministry Trip

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Just a quick update from last weekend.

Carolyn made some delicious cakes for the monthly Birthday party after church on Sunday. They were just amazing of course – evidenced by their quick disappearance! It was fun and they really enjoyed the colourful flowers!

Birthday cakes for celebration after church.


Phil went with Dan to a Pastor’s meeting in San Miguel de Progresso in La Sierra Norte of the state of Puebla. They had a great time!

Sunday they visited Pastor Rubén’s church and were then invited to take home some Guayaba fruit from one of the local farmers who attends their church.

Pastor Ruben climbing the Guayaba tree to harvest some fruit for us to take home.
Dan preaching at Ruben’s church Sun morning.

Tampico, Mexico

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This past week Sept 22 – 25 . . .

Phil travelled with Dan to Tampico in the north of Mexico.

They had a really good time connecting with the Pastors, churches and groups that are studying the SEAN material in Tampico, traveling in the states of Tamaulipas and a small town in the northern part of Veracruz, Mexico.

It is so amazing to visit places where groups are excited about studying God’s Word. Seeing and hearing testimonies of what God is doing, how their knowledge and understanding of the Bible is transforming their lives – words cannot fully explain. Below are some photos from the trip.

This older man in the photo to the right gave testimony to the benefit of studying with his group. He is blind and told us how having spent over 60 years of attending church religiously, he learned nothing. Now, being part of this group, he studies with his wife and their lives are filled with joy to learn more and more about Jesus.  Pastor Jaime standing behind him leads this group and travels over 2 hours from his home in Tampico over very rough roads to minister at his church in Paso Real for 3 days each weekend.

Their travels took them to a very small church where they were able to encourage the people.  Below is a video of the building they currently meet in and the work they have started on building a church. They are looking for assistance to be able to finish the work.

Dan, Pastor Layton and Phil at the church Puerta del Cielo in Tampico

Another 2 groups study in Tampico under the direction of Pastor Bernardo. The more advanced group is in the Second Level of the Seminary Program and the other group is almost finished the First Level.


We are so grateful for these groups studying. Our mission organization World Partners has a fund that we use to help the students with half the cost of the materials for the Seminary Program. This fund is getting low and we ask that you consider a contribution of any amount to help students.  Go to Project Leadership Development for more information and how you can make a financial contribution.

Here are a few more pictures from the trip, scroll over for caption.

We made it to the Beach in Madero which is really part of Tampico.  It was so hot we could only stay for an hour or so and walk the pier. 


Independence Day

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Yesterday, Monday, Sept 16 was Mexican Independence Day.

On Sunday, we celebrated after church at the church we attend here in Puebla.  Everyone was grateful for Carolyn’s offer to make a cake.

Carolyn with the Pastor’s wife Judith.

The cakes were fantastic! The big one was a vanilla cake coloured in the colours of the Mexican flag!  Not only was it visually cool, it was so moist and yummy!



The other one was a Tres Leche cake. It’s certainly the “best we’ve ever tasted!”  At least that’s what we’ve been told!


Groups Growing & a Visit!

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It was a fantastic visit!

Last weekend Phil traveled to La Sierra Norte with our friend David from Canada who came to visit and see our ministry. There were a number of highlights from the ministry weekend, but below are a couple of interesting ones!

We visited the group in Aocotzota where Phil led the study. This group is doing very well in their studies. We look forward to them finishing book 2 of the Introductory Level and getting into Level 1.


We also traveled to Cuetzalan where the group continues to grow! They now have 20 people in their group and it is a bit large to keep at that size.  Once we see who all is committed after the first few lessons, we’ll see about making it into 2 groups.

Pastor Josué leading the study. We ran out of space at the table for him to sit down.
They all seem quite keen on studying and they were very engaged in the class. So good to see!

We’d like to say Thank you to David for the visit! Missionary work has many challenges and a the visit was such an encouragement to us.

Thank You!
All the Mexican food! Such a good sport!

Saying Farewell!

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Lots of things happened in August.

We hosted a last minute farewell party for our friends Zac & Jen. They moved to Queretaro another state in Mexico. Carolyn made pretty much all the desserts and Phil helped out with some of the other stuff. We hosted over 30 people one afternoon and several were unable to make it.

Cookie Cake Saying Farewell
Zac & Jen, we will miss you so much!
Yummy Carrot Cake.  One of Carolyn’s tier cakes! Unbelievable!
Just a wee spread
Bear is going to miss his friend Ruby (their 3 yr old dog who we have dog-sat various times).