Making Granola

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Granola is good on . . . 

– List your favorite thing to put granola on in the Comments Section.

Here’s what Mexicans put it on:  Yogurt & Fruit

On the weekend while Phil was on a Ministry Trip to La Sierra, Carolyn hosted a Granola making afternoon for a couple of ladies.  They just love Carolyn’s granola! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Phil’s trip was very good as well! He was able to visit with 4 of the study groups and connect with the pastor in San Miguel whose group is no longer studying. He is very busy with another church ministry about a 10 min drive from his town. It seems to be doing very well.


He visited the group in Cuetzalan on Saturday. They just finished their exam with flying colors, and we celebrated with a meal of Carnitas at a local stand. The young fellow who waited on us attends their church and made it a wonderful experience.

On Sunday the group in Huitzilan celebrated with a meal of Cerdo con salsa rojo (Pork in Red Salsa).  They were so pleased that their second group who just finished the first introductory book, received near perfect scores on their exams this past week.



It is always such a pleasure to be part of the work that God is doing here in Mexico.  Please keep us in your prayers as we connect with Pastors, leaders and locals, that we would find favor with them and be able to build even deeper relationships for God’s glory.


Bear y Popo – not what you think!

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Greetings from Sunny Mexico!

We just wanted to share with you all a couple of interesting things from this past month.



This month our dog Bear had his 11th Birthday. We took him to the vet this past week to get his regular yearly vaccine shots and the vet was amazed at how well looked after he was for 11 years old.  Carolyn made him some peanut butter cookies to celebrate.


Our local Volcano Popo has continued to be very active these past few months. Below are some photos from just this past week. We’re beginning to wonder how much worse things are going to get.



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This past weekend Phil travelled to La Sierra Norte once again – in case you haven’t realized it yet, that’s where most of his ministry and trips are located. 

Friday night in Zacapoaxtla, Saturday and Sunday morning in Pezmata about another hour and a half into the mountains and then back home via Huitzilan and through Zacapoaxtla. It was a really good trip and a lot of preparation to do ahead of time.

The group in Zacapoaxtla are studying the book of Jeremiah – prophet of “Good News”.  It’s an interesting study, but there’s lots to prepare.  Lots of reading and lots of information to get through.  So, it took a bit of time to prepare just for that study group. On the down side, they cancelled the class at the last minute.  Oh well!  At least that lesson is done and ready for next time!!

On Saturday he travelled to Pezmata with the Pastor of the church and stayed overnight at his place which is just below the church. It was a great opportunity to get to know his family better and they were able to discuss some things pertaining to the difficulties in ministry. This was definitely at highlight of the weekend!

Here are some photos and a short video from the town.

View from the church in Pazmata
View from the Pastor’s home.
Pastor Miguel preparing Nopal for grilling.
Grilling pork and veggies – “carne asada” – Yummy!

 This short video is of a local farmer raking the drying coffee on his roof. It’s coffee harvest time.


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Last weekend March 8 – 10 Phil’s ministry trip took him to several places in La Sierra Norte. Unfortunately, with so much going on he didn’t get so many photos.

He was able to be part of the study group in Zacapoaxtla on the Friday night as they began the Study of Jeremiah, the final book of Level 2 of the Seminary program.  It is a more difficult study and they are thinking they’ll take things a little more slowly so as to understand and absorb all the information.

Saturday morning he went to Cuetzalan and encouraged them as they are finishing up the first book on the study of the Pentateuch. They are very excited to have reached this point in their studies and are really beginning to be able to apply their learning in their ministry contexts.

Saturday afternoon Phil traveled with a couple of pastors to Zapata where we have a new group of 12 students studying.  They are well into the first book of the introductory level and are thoroughly enjoying being able to explain more about their faith as a result of their study.


Saturday night he stayed with one of the pastors in Huitzilan.  What a great visit, which was very encouraging to the pastor and his family.  It was also encouraging to hear how pastor Bernabé is mentoring and raising up leaders as a result of the Seminary program we are providing.


This photo above is the view from just outside the pastor’s home.

Sunday morning Phil preached in Spanish and pastor Bernabé was quite amazed at his progress in Spanish.  They all had lunch together in his home and it is always such a treat to have hand made tortillas – Yummy!

In the afternoon on Sunday their two study groups had classes and, Wow! it was so good to see the increase in participation from the students.

This post is a little late coming since the past week has been a bit tiring from the previous weekend and hectic with the myriad of details to attend to living life in Mexico.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our ministry here in Mexico.  While at times missionary work can be very tiring, difficult and even frustrating, words cannot express how grateful and honored we are to be part of what God is doing in this part of the world.

Bake’n Take

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Greetings from sunny and warm Mexico!

Sometimes it takes quite some doing to re-schedule things. I’m sure many of you are familiar with that reality, however, in Mexico it can be even more of a challenge.

We had hoped to have a Bake’n Take in February, but the date we originally hoped for, most people were not available.  So, after trying several options, we postponed till this past weekend at the beginning of March.  Most wanted to do Pizza!  Again!  So, we pulled out the stops and had a great ‘ole time!

Not only Pizza – Cookie Bars and marshmallow squares too!
Fun in the kitchen!
We are dog-sitting our friend’s dog too, and the daughter of one of the ladies spent hours entertaining our furry friend!
Carolyn enjoying our morning walk in the park.
Our local volcano “Popo” has been more active in recent months making for more cleaning, and problems with allergies and breathing.

Ministry Trip – February

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This past weekend Phil went with Dan Chapple and his oldest son Seth to La  Sierra Norte for to visit a number of the groups studying in the Seminary Program.

Group in Zacapoaxtla doing their exam for the final book of the Pentateuch.


We had the opportunity to be part of this groups first class together. 12 New Students. The first group at this church to study together since the church started 30 years ago.
Very foggy the whole weekend. Got some amazing photos.


It’s a long way up these stairs to the pastor’s house.
Missionary Trio this past weekend!
Sharing lunch together after church, before our class together.

Dan took this video, part of the church service on Sunday morning, they are singing in there dialect Nahuatl.

Start to a Busy month

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Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post of some interesting things that started off the month of February:

This video is just outside our house. The neighbor is having her 15th Birthday. This is the Mariachi Band that is part of the celebrations.

Phil is back into helping out with music at church. He led worship (in Spanish) this past Sunday. Fun, Fun!
Carolyn had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Retreat this past weekend with one of her Mexican friends and some other missionary ladies. It’s one of those things you just don’t want to miss! Oh what fun!

This video is from the Women’s Retreat: