Feb/Mar Adventures

Recent Happenings . . . 

We know, it’s been a while since our last post!  We have been very busy with school and finishing up the paperwork for our Temporary Residency.  Thursday, March 10 we received our Temporary Residency Cards by courier. We are so glad to have that behind us … well, until next year, but that should be more straight forward for us since we will have had our cards for one year by then.

It’s been quite cool (very cold for Mexicans) the past few weeks, especially in the evening and at night.  It was almost down to freezing the one night last week.  We know …. not the kind of cold we get in Canada, but nevertheless, when you don’t have a furnace for your house, these temperatures are bone-chilling!

This past week at 5:00 am Wednesday morning, our next door neighbour’s house alarm went off.  It was just on the other side of our carport wall – very loud and very nerve-wracking. Bear (our dog) wasn’t sure what to do and it made for a long day since we hadn’t had much sleep the previous couple of nights.  When we came home at 6:00 pm that day, the alarm was still going and continued until bedtime.  Since we were so tired and needed good rest to face the next day of school, our friends and co-workers, Dan and Anne-Marie Chapple invited us to spend the night at their place.  We were so grateful to have a quiet place to sleep. Fortunately, the alarm had been turned off by the time we arrived home Thursday night. That was enough adventure for one week!

This past weekend one of our fellow students from language school had a Birthday Party and invited us to La Estrella de Puebla. We went to a nearby coffee shop and visited while we waited for sunset to ride on the big-wheel.  Below are some pictures of the Volcano Popocatépetl from La Estrella de Puebla and from near our house where we walk our dog.

Sunset behind a tall building with Volcano just to the right
Volcano on the left from atop the Big Wheel
Volcano view on our morning walk with the dog
extended mountain range from the Volcano
This large chair is by a cafe not far from our school


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