Good Friday/Easter

We hope you are all having a fantastic Easter Weekend!

So far we’ve had a great weekend.  Thursday we finished up another session of Language Learning and we start another on Monday.  On Friday we went with a group of students to the Good Friday Procession at the Cathedral downtown Puebla.  All the Catholic churches are involved in processions in their own communities, but the one downtown is the largest and most elaborate.  Easter weekend is right in the middle of a 2 week vacation for all students and many people take their vacation time during these two weeks.  The Good Friday Procession was a very unique experience.  Below is a short video of what we could get some video clips for.

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday we will participate in a Sunrise Service (at 6:00 am), Breakfast (7:30 am), and Easter Service (10:00 am).  We will be serving Communion during the 10:00 am service and following the service there is going to be a baptism.  When we are in Puebla we normally attend this church about 1km from our house called El Faro.


Prayer Update Video

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