Jan 23 – 27 Phil travelled with Pastor Sabastian, Pastor Bernabé, his wife and youngest son to Acambay, in the state of Mexico. It was a long, tiring trip with a lot of visits to churches and groups who are wanting to start studying with SEAN the material we use for the Seminary by Extension program (Semillas) that we offer. What a great trip!

After visiting 4 churches and making connections with 4 additional churches who are interested in studying, we are very excited to report that we may be looking at 3 – 4 new study groups in the Acambay area. We are still gathering contacts and confirming with those who are committing to study, but we are amazed at what God is doing in the hearts and lives of people here in Mexico!

La Loma – We stayed with Pastors Gregorio & Lilia
At Pastor Nicko’s church “Jesus the Door of Salvation”, Phil preached a sermon on humility and serving Christ. (left: Pastor Sabastian, Pastor Gregorio, Pastor Nicko, Phil)
Juan and his son are church leaders in a town called “Los Pastores”. They have 14 young people who are eager to study with us.
This church in El Puerto has 15 – 20 people in their congregation ready to start studying with us as well. The gentleman to Phil’s left is connecting with 2 other churches who are interested in studying.
Pastor Lilia prepared a huge lunch and fellowship time following the service at the church in La Loma Sunday morning.
Pastor Emmanuel (left) invited us to go to a very small church of 12 people in San Felipe about an hour and a half from where we stayed in La Loma. They were so grateful for our visit.

Our kitchen has been busy. Carolyn’s baking skills put to the test while dealing with a leak in the kitchen ceiling for almost 2 weeks while waiting for the owner of the house to have the repair guy come. She’s been making goodies to help raise funds for a family who is really struggling.


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