Summer’s Coming!

Hello Folks!

June is slipping away!  Here we are mid June and so much has happened in the last 2 weeks!

Plans are coming together for us to be speaking in various places this Summer and into the Fall.  

It looks like Phil will be travelling to Alberta and spending the month of July there.  Image

He has several speaking engagements booked and he is working on a number of meetings with individuals and hopefully some kind of a meet and greet, dessert evening.

The plan is for him to drive out to Alberta at the end of June and stay with friends while there.

Check our Itinerary Page for confirmed dates.

There are still a number of places and dates to confirm for August and September, so we’re trusting that will all work out for the best.

Please be praying for us as we spends so much time travelling, connecting with people, and speaking in different places.

Pray for:

  • Strength and good health

  • Safe travels

  • Excellent receptivity from those we connect with

  • Raise full support level by the Fall

June 2014

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