A Full Weekend!

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This past weekend was packed with events!  We’d like to share a few of those with you all!  On Saturday night, Phil directed the Spirit Singers Choir here in Lion’s Head for their summer concert.

What a great turn out – just about packed Bethel Church!

A Full House - Spirit Singers Concert
A Full House – Spirit Singers Concert

What a blessing it turned out to be!  

Not only did the choir do an amazing job of their concert – everyone thoroughly enjoyed it – the choir donated the proceeds from the evening to our Mexico Mission!  

Thank You Spirit Singers, and Thank You Lion’s Head community for such a fantastic turn out and support!



Then on Sunday morning, we did our presentation at Immanuel Evangelical Missionary Church in Paisley.

Immanuel EMC
Immanuel EMC



Phil also brought the sermon for the morning.  It was wonderful to connect with many new folks and we thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the folks from Christian Horizons.  What a blessing it was to see such a warm and inviting congregation!

Thank You Pastor Tony for inviting us to share our ministry with your congregation!


Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. – Romans 12:13  ESV

Thank you for a wonderful meal!
Thank you for a wonderful meal

We were blessed to have afternoon dinner with a wonderful couple from Immanuel EMC.

We ended up getting a tour of Hidden Valley Camp nearby and a peek at an 82 year old car – Wow!  Unfortunately we didn’t get picture of that!  Maybe just as well – wouldn’t want anyone to to get envious!


Then, on Sunday evening, we went to the Spirit Singers wrap-up BBQ.  It was an excellent time of reflecting on the concert the night before, amazing food, great conversation, AND the storm held off until our drive home, which was a real blessing!  Boy did it ever storm Sunday night!

Post-Dessert Table
Post-Dessert Table



Potluck Dinner - Well Done!
Potluck Dinner – Well Done!


Everyone had a Great Time!
Everyone had a Great Time!

Travels & Happenings

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This past weekend we did not have anything specific on our Itinerary which was a much needed break.  Phil ended up going to Orillia to help his Father-in-law and Carolyn had to work.   Not much to update you on this week, so here are some pics from our Travels and Happenings on the weekend:

Aug 17 - Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!
Aug 17 – Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!

Hard to Believe, we’ve been married for 23 years!  Wow! Not only has time flown by, married life keeps getting better and better – as with so many things, they taste better with age!

We know, Anniversary is spelled wrong!  Kind of thought it has that personal touch, don’t you think!

One of our Favourite Signs is not very far from our home.  If you’ve been to the Bruce Penninsula, you’ll know it well, otherwise you’ll have to come our way to get the full experience!

In case you can't read it: Losing weight ... fight back! The Sweet Shop, Tobermory
In case you can’t read it:
Losing weight … Fight Back!
The Sweet Shop, Tobermory


Now, there are many wonders in the world, but one of the great wonders of the farmer’s world is The Barrel!  It’s an amazing tool!  Can you figure out what it’s used for?

The Barrel
The Barrel

Have you ever grown radishes?

Well, here are the largest radishes we’ve ever come across (about 10″ long and 4″ diamater):

Radishes, or ???
\ Radishes, or ???




Checked out the Raspberry patch!  They have lots of fruit on them, if only they would ripen, we’d have more than we knew what to do with!

Raspberry Bushes - if only they'd ripen!
Raspberry Bushes – if only they’d ripen!






And then of course, there were the Tall Ships!

What magnificence!



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Back from a trip out to Calgary!

Calgary, our old stomping grounds!
Calgary, our old stomping grounds!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, as you can imagine flying out Friday and returning Monday.  Here are our adventures from the weekend!

Phil spent his time connecting with people in Calgary and did our Mexico Mission Presentation at Parkdale Grace Fellowship

Sunday morning at Parkdale
Sunday morning at Parkdale

Thank you Parkdale Fellowship for the opportunity to share our ministry with you!

Parkdale congregation has a Latino ministry which is interested in staying in contact with us.

Phil was able to connect with a Mexican fellow by the name of Gabriel who is returning to Mexico.   We plan on staying in contact with him and hopefully connecting as part of our ministry in Mexico!

Thank you Pastor Angel for your ministry!  Many of the Latinos in this ministry are from Mexico!  Blessings as you minister at Parkdale!

Saturday night we had a wonderful informal time with several of our friends as we shared dessert and Phil gave a full presentation of our Mexico Mission.  Thank you to those who were able to come and show their support.

What a great trip and time spent with some crazy, but wonderful friends!

Meeting with Friends
Meeting with Friends

Back home in Ontario, Carolyn invited some of the neighbours over for a “Muffin Morning”, an informal time together with muffins and coffee.  Good times had by all!

And some friends we haven't seen in a long time!
And some friends we haven’t seen in a long time!

Red Bay Community

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On Sunday we made our way over to Red Bay Community Church and had a great time sharing with this church that meets in the summer months.

We received a warm welcome from some familiar folks and many new faces as well.

What a gorgeous long weekend!
Red Bay Community Church, Red Bay, ON

Red Bay Community Church, Red Bay, ON

It was great to share our Mexico Mission with these folks, many from the Kitchener area and some locals as well.  We had heard that there was a summer church that met in Red Bay, but we didn’t realize just how vibrant it was.

Great Singing Everyone!  

It is so good to be with folks who can lift their voices in praise to the Lord!

We pray God’s blessing on this congregation as they meet over the summer months, worship the Lord together and bless one another.

Red Bay Community Church Congregation
Red Bay Community Church Congregation

O Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!  – Psalm 34:3

Phil spoke on The Cost of Following Christ, from Luke 9:57-62

It will take:

  • Self Sacrifice
  • Change of Priorities
  • Making the Most of each Opportunity

Thanks for inviting us to share our ministry with you! 

Familiar faces of Red Bay Community Church
Familiar faces of Red Bay Community Church

Family Camp at Stayner

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It’s been years since we were at Stayner Family Camp and this past weekend was our first Stayner Family Camp Missions Weekend!   We were thrilled to connect with so many people and get reacquainted with those we haven’t seen in so long!

It was a great time to connect with our World Partners Team:

Phil & Carolyn with World Partners Director Sandra Tjart
Phil & Carolyn with World Partners Director Sandra Tjart


Sandra is the Director of World Partners.

It was so good to spend time together working through details and questions – Oh, and getting to know one another better!

 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  and teaching  them to obey everything I have commanded you. 

We also had a good time connecting with the Ruiz’s.  They are one of the missionary couples we will be working with in Puebla, Mexico.  We spent the weekend working with Carolyn, Moises and Dylan in the Family Camp Children’s Ministry.  Thank you to Erin for all your hard work coordinating the children’s ministry!

Carolyn, Moises, and Dylan
Carolyn, Moises, and Dylan


The Ruiz’s are also in the process of raising their support.  We pray God’s blessing on them in their deputation work!

 Unless the LORD builds the house the builders labour in vain.


We had a little bit of time connecting with the Chapples as well.  Dan & Anne-Marie will be our field Team Leaders in Mexico.

Hopefully they have arrived back in Mexico safely!  We pray God’s blessing on the ministry they continue in Mexico with the Missionary Church of Mexico doing Pastoral/Leadership Training.

Dan, Anne-Marie, Seth, Josiah, Zephan and Isaiah
Dan, Anne-Marie, Seth, Josiah, Zephan and Isaiah


 It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning  and your faithfulness at night, 

We had a great time, especially at the Food Fair.  See pictures below:

For more pics from Stayner go to the photo page

Yummy International Foods!
Yummy International Foods!



Check us out on the World Partners website:

Phil & Carolyn – Leadership Develpment

Some familiar faces enjoying the Food Fair!
Some familiar faces enjoying the Food Fair!


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It never ceases to amaze me just how much can be done when we all get on board with a single mission focus …

Making disciples for Christ!  

This past Sunday we shared our ministry to Mexico with Palmerston Evangelical Missionary Church.  We were blessed to see so many involved and contributing to their Vacation Bible School for this week.  Check out their VBS program happening this week – God’s Back Yard.

Palmerston EMC
Palmerston EMC

What a great group people committed to children’s ministry.  God bless you this week as you minister His Word to the children of Palmerston!

Jesus said,

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  Luke 18:16 NIV



Thank you Pastor Phil for inviting us to share with your congregation!

Pastor Phil and his family
Pastor Phil and his family


We had a great time connecting with many of the folks here.  Our prayer for you is that God would continue to open the doors for ministry into your community.

Don’t Forget the message we shared with you folks:

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing:

  • Learn at Jesus feet
  • Focus on Him, not the distractions
  • Seek Him – not self interests
Submission to Christ leads to obedience and service for Christ.
Carolyn and one of our Prayer Partners
Carolyn and one of our Prayer Partners

First Time for Everything!

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Well folks!  There is a first time for everything!  This past Sunday, July 14 we visited Mt. Pleasant Evangelical Missionary Church in Singhampton, Ontario and shared in the morning worship service there!  We had never been there before and received a wonderful welcome.

Mt. Pleasant EMC, Singhampton, ON
Mt. Pleasant EMC, Singhampton, ON


This little church is tucked away in the hills just south of Collingwood, ON.

This church may seem small in size but the folks have big hearts and a real passion for their community.

Phil led the music for the worship service and brought the morning message.  Thank you Pastor Chris for the invitation to come and share with your people the ministry God has called us to in Mexico!

Phil & Carolyn with Pastor Chris.
Phil & Carolyn with Pastor Chris.


Phil spoke on Colossians 1:9-11, “Bearing Fruit”

Just as Paul prays for the Colossians, God has something for you …

  • Fullness – to know the fullness of the knowledge of His will
  • Fruitfulness – Go to them and bear fruit in every good work
  • Faithfulness – to be faithful and obedient to Him

“If you believe there is fruit that you know you should bear and do not, victory that you know you should have and have not, then I would say, ‘Come on,’ because God has something for you.”  

– A.W. Tozer