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Blessings in the midst!

The past several weeks we have been preparing for and involved in a number of Ministry Trips, participated in our Mexico Team Retreat, and enjoyed connecting with Pastors and leaders in the states of Puebla, Veracruz, and Oaxaca.

November 15 – 20 World Partners Director Joel Zantingh traveled to Ecuador with Dan Chapple to visit and encourage our sister denomination there. During that time we were making preparations for our Team Retreat and ministry for the next couple weeks.

November 21 – 24 we hosted Joel Z. and his wife Christie at our home and then joined the Chapples and the Ruizes for a two day Retreat at a place called Metepec about 40 minutes from Puebla. We had a really good time connecting and working through some important items.

Following our Team Retreat a bunch of us traveled to La Sierra Norte with Joel Z. to meet with the pastors and leadership of the churches there. Then off to Oaxaca and Veracruz for a long trip to visit and encourage the churches and leadership in those areas.

After a long couple of weeks we have been very encouraged and blessed in the midst of the busyness of preparations and travel. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Team Retreat

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This week we have our Mexico Team Retreat. We are enjoying our time together at a place called Metepec, a little town right near the town of Atlixco here in the state of Puebla. It’s only about 40 minutes from the city of Puebla.

Carolyn making cinnamon buns for our Brunch together before heading out of town. Yummy!I
Ta da!
Dinner at Don José
Amazing soup! Sopa Azteca
Morning sunrise.

Weekend to Remember

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IMG_1329November 11 in many countries we honour those who served and gave their lives for freedom. Many of us recall interactions with those who served in war and have been amazed. To those who have gone before we salute with gratitude in our hearts.  To those who still remain, we say Thank You and help us not forget.

Here in Mexico, November 11 is not part of their history or remembrance, so life kind of continues as per normal.  Phil made a trip to the Mountains and was able to connect with some new groups and receive contact information for some additional groups wanting to study with the Seminary.  We celebrate the eagerness of our current students to invite others to be part of the important task of studying the Bible in a more formal way. The learning they receive through the course work they do helps to prepare these Pastors and leaders in their ministry here in Mexico.



On Saturday, Phil travelled with Pastor Sebastian, the President of the Missionary Church in Mexico to Pezmata. It was a very long trip with a lot of mud to get through. Fortunately, his vehicle was able to make it through the rough terrain.





Phil led the study for this group in Pezmata and he was very pleased to be able to hear each one of them practice their Sermon for their exam and provide some helpful feedback.  Well done hermanos!





On Sunday, Pastor Bernabé and his wife had their third class with these 4 women. They are very excited to be able to begin studying and are eager to continue.

Half Marathon

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Today Carolyn finished the Puebla Half Marathon. Way to go girl!

Rain, Rain, Rain!

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It was a great weekend! 

This past weekend October 19 – 21 Phil was able to go to the mountains and visit with some of the groups we work with.  The drive to Pezmata was long and difficult. The rain had washed out parts of the road and left huge holes filled with mud and water.  He travelled with one of the Mexican pastors which made the trip more bearable.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the opportunity to preach at one of the churches (Huitzilan) and share in their team meeting.  At the end Phil was able to help them determine some action steps for more effective ministry.  So grateful for God’s guidance!

It rained the whole weekend, and not just a little! The one pathway up to the pastor’s house was 2 feet deep!
Drove up to Pezmata, practically the top of the mountains. The road was very muddy. Most of the mud was washed off the car by the time the picture was taken.
One of the new groups in Pezmata. They are doing very well and hope to graduate from Level One of the Seminary Program early in the New Year!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

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We just wanted to wish everyone a . . . 


We will be celebrating with a Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.  We will be having a few people over who are interested in learning to make some Thanksgiving type desserts.  It’ll be part of our Bake’n Take ministry. So, if you are thinking of us, give thanks for what God’s doing here too!

October Already!?

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Hi everyone! This past weekend Phil traveled to La Sierra Norte for a ministry trip. Had a great time! He was able to connect with several of the leaders at the Saturday regional gathering, and plan for visits in October. So glad to see the progress the groups have been making.

Carolyn had the opportunity to attend a Quinceañera (15th Birthday Party) here in Puebla with some friends.