Speeding Up!?

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Wow! 2020 seems to be really speeding up! original

Here is it February already!

January was so busy with ministry travel, dealing with the many details for our Permanent Residency VISAS, and the coming and going of Plumbers to fix the leak in our kitchen ceiling and laundry area! And, it looks like February is only going to get more busy and fly by!

Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks.

Phil presenting the Seminary Material to a church in El Puerto – they have 24 students wanting to start studying – mostly young people!
Pastor Bernabé and his youngest son on our way back from Acambay – long trip and contented faces!
Sun rise this past Monday morning on the way back to Puebla.
Very cool cloud covering this little mountain
Phil presented the Seminary and an update for the Pastors meeting last weekend.
Great crowd of pastors and leaders.
Watching this new mom tie her little one to her back was just amazing!

BakenTake Feb 2020

What a blast!
The finished product!

Tampico, Mexico

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This past week Sept 22 – 25 . . .

Phil travelled with Dan to Tampico in the north of Mexico.

They had a really good time connecting with the Pastors, churches and groups that are studying the SEAN material in Tampico, traveling in the states of Tamaulipas and a small town in the northern part of Veracruz, Mexico.

It is so amazing to visit places where groups are excited about studying God’s Word. Seeing and hearing testimonies of what God is doing, how their knowledge and understanding of the Bible is transforming their lives – words cannot fully explain. Below are some photos from the trip.

This older man in the photo to the right gave testimony to the benefit of studying with his group. He is blind and told us how having spent over 60 years of attending church religiously, he learned nothing. Now, being part of this group, he studies with his wife and their lives are filled with joy to learn more and more about Jesus.  Pastor Jaime standing behind him leads this group and travels over 2 hours from his home in Tampico over very rough roads to minister at his church in Paso Real for 3 days each weekend.

Their travels took them to a very small church where they were able to encourage the people.  Below is a video of the building they currently meet in and the work they have started on building a church. They are looking for assistance to be able to finish the work.

Dan, Pastor Layton and Phil at the church Puerta del Cielo in Tampico

Another 2 groups study in Tampico under the direction of Pastor Bernardo. The more advanced group is in the Second Level of the Seminary Program and the other group is almost finished the First Level.


We are so grateful for these groups studying. Our mission organization World Partners has a fund that we use to help the students with half the cost of the materials for the Seminary Program. This fund is getting low and we ask that you consider a contribution of any amount to help students.  Go to Project Leadership Development for more information and how you can make a financial contribution.

Here are a few more pictures from the trip, scroll over for caption.

We made it to the Beach in Madero which is really part of Tampico.  It was so hot we could only stay for an hour or so and walk the pier. 


Pastor’s Conference

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Hey Everyone!

July 27 – 31 we attended the annual Pastor’s Conference of Missionary Church of Mexico in Chignahuapan.  It was a great time for us to meet most of the pastors and a few of the leaders of the churches.  The 4 days went by really fast and was a real immersion in Spanish.  We received several invites to visit pastors and churches all over central Mexico.  We enjoyed the time connecting with so many new folks and getting to know some much better.

Below is a photo and a brief video of the Waterfalls we visited with some of the pastors.




Mexico Political Situation

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The following post is a repost from our Team Leader which explains the political situation here in Mexico. 

The political situation in Mexico has become quite unstable. You may have seen or heard about the rioting, deaths, and injuries in the city of Oaxaca this past week. Our Mexican pastors tell us that the news in not accurately reporting the depth and breadth of the problem. The violence has spread to four or five other states, and the roads in many of those areas are nearly impassible. Mauro, a Mexican pastor, texted me today to say that it took him two days to travel into one of the areas where we have classes in Oaxaca and Veracruz states, a trip that usually takes six hours. There were many places where the roads were blocked by fires and protesters. In those areas everyone had to get off the bus and walk around the problem in order to get back on a different bus on the other side. He said that it is dangerous and difficult to travel, and there is a growing problem of food shortages. Thus far the cities of Puebla and Mexico City (where we and the rest of our team live) have not had any problems, but the pastors are concerned that it may soon spread there. The unrest stems from new laws that have a big impact on school teachers and education. Below is a short video from a news agency called TV Azteca showing some of the problems in just one of the towns:

There is no control over any adds or commercials that may accompany the video.  It’s in Spanish, so if you don’t understand what’s being said at least you have an idea of what’s going on.



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Wow!  My, how the weeks are flying by!

We are in the middle of a review session in Language School.  It’s been great and we are grasping things so much better.

Below are a few photos from our past week of excursions with some friends from school and with our language helpers.


The city of Puebla put up new cross walk signals in various places downtown.  Haven’t seen ones exactly like this before coming to Mexico.


Good Friday/Easter

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We hope you are all having a fantastic Easter Weekend!

So far we’ve had a great weekend.  Thursday we finished up another session of Language Learning and we start another on Monday.  On Friday we went with a group of students to the Good Friday Procession at the Cathedral downtown Puebla.  All the Catholic churches are involved in processions in their own communities, but the one downtown is the largest and most elaborate.  Easter weekend is right in the middle of a 2 week vacation for all students and many people take their vacation time during these two weeks.  The Good Friday Procession was a very unique experience.  Below is a short video of what we could get some video clips for.

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday we will participate in a Sunrise Service (at 6:00 am), Breakfast (7:30 am), and Easter Service (10:00 am).  We will be serving Communion during the 10:00 am service and following the service there is going to be a baptism.  When we are in Puebla we normally attend this church about 1km from our house called El Faro.


More Christmas … in Puebla

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Merry Christmas!

Below are some more pics and a video of Carolyn skating. 


Mexicans skate differently than Canadians!
Our humble Christmas Tree
Our humble Christmas Tree