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We made it back to México safe and sound!

Jan 27 we left Puebla, México for San Antonio, Texas to get the process started for our Temporary Residency here in México.  Originally, we only planned to stay there for 4 days coming back on Feb 1 but we ended up staying a few days longer because we had to wait for approval of our Visas. We returned on Thursday, Feb 4.

Below are some pictures of the beautiful Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.  It was just around the corner from the Mexican Consulate.  We took the boat tour and got some of these fantastic pictures.  San Antonio has quite the history – click here.

So … we received our Visa for entry into México and now we have 30 days to finish the paperwork and get it to the Immigration Office in México City.  Most of the remainder of this process will be done by our lawyer in México City.  Hopefully we will only need to go to México City once more to finish the process.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Getting Ready …

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Hi Folks!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted an update here, but we’ve been quite busy with Language School and life here in México!  We just finished Level 5 of our Spanish Program here at the Spanish Institute of Puebla.  It is a fantastic Language Learning School and we are grateful to have the opportunity to be studying there.  In 3-4 months we should be nearing the end of our official program and then it will be a matter of learning mostly on our own and in an informal environment.

This week (actually, tomorrow), we will be flying to San Antonio Texas to attend to the paperwork for our Temporary Residency Visas.  At this point everything looks like it should come together.  Thanks for your prayers on this matter.  Please continue to pray for this process this week.

This month we celebrated our Birthdays!happy-birthday-text-images



Carolyn on Jan 15th and Phil today, Jan 26th.

Hummingbird Cake for Phil’s Birthday!  Amazing!

Carolyn enjoyed baking cakes for us.  On her Birthday we took 3 cakes (chocolate, chocolate-peanutbutter, and carrot cake) to school and celebrated with the whole school.  Everyone was so excited – the cake here in México is very different from we would normally make, so it was a real treat for them (the Mexicans) to experience something quite different.


Support Update

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It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than a month away.  

Things are going fairly well here in México.  We are back to Language School in Level 3 and have one week left before we go on to Level 4.  It is going well!  We have the same teacher for this level as we did for Level 2.  We are very grateful because she is a very gifted teacher.  Level 4 is only a 2 week course – so they put a three week course into two weeks and then we have two weeks off at Christmas.  That will be a welcome break for sure!  

We wanted to let everyone know that our finacial support level has taken a significant drop this past month. As of November we are at 86%.  Please be praying that we will reach full support so we can continue in God’s calling for ministry here in México.

Thank you for partnering with us!  

Below are some pictures …

We're not really sure what it is!!
We’re not really sure what it is!!
Buying Bread in front of our house out of the back of a Pick-Up.
Buying Bread in front of our house out of the back of a Pick-Up.
On a clear day!
On a clear day!
They really decorate the town square.
They really decorate the town square.
Santa?!  He gets quiet the workout here!
Santa?! He gets quite the workout here!

Work Team & Home Set Up

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Hi Folks! One month in México! Wow!  So much has happened!

We’ll just give some of the highlights!

On August 19 we travelled to a town called Cuetzalan where we stayed with the Work Team from Bethany EMC to help work on a building at a church in a small nearby town called San Miguel.

Bethany Team
Bethany Team

It was quite the 10 day adventure! The days there were quite hot as it is at a much lower elevation than it is here in Puebla.  So, it was hot and humid during the daytime but it cooled off fairly well at night.

The first couple days were spent travelling to Cuetzalan (about a 3 hour drive), getting settled into our accommodations and picking up the team from the airport in Mexico City – about another 4 hour drive from where we’d be staying near the worksite. Once we got the team settled we got started on the building.


Before we arrived, many workmen from the church had built the stone foundation you see in the picture. Lots of clearing and mixing concrete and mortar! We also had to put together all the rebar with wire for the columns and eventually the ceiling/roof for the second level (second level not part of this project).  Here is a picture of what it looked like nearing the end of our time on the project.  They still had to put the ceiling/roof on and finishing touches. Click here for photo gallery of the work.

All the walls up!
All the walls up!
Front Entrance.
Front Entrance.

Here’s a wee video of part of the church service we attended – with the congregation of that church.

The next 2 weeks we dedicated to getting much needed rest and setting up our home.  Praise the Lord!  After several nights in our new home, we were able to adjust to the cacophony of dogs barking and late night traffic and finally get some good rest! Fortunately, the construction across the street doesn’t start until late morning and finishes early evening. We were able to get most of the essential items to set up our home (Table/Chairs, Sofa set, Bed, linens, dishes, etc. and some borrowed items from the Chapples) in the two weeks we have before starting Language School. If you are unfamiliar with how things work here, it takes a very long time to do pretty much anything (add that on top of not knowing much of the language), so we are very grateful that we’ve been able to acquire some essential items before we launch into an intense schedule of Language Learning. Thanks to the Chapples for everything!  We certainly wouldn’t have been able to do much without their knowledge and help this past month.

We’ll have to give a video tour of our home on one of our next updates.

On September 16, México celebrates Independence Day.  It is a holiday and there are lots of celebrations.  We heard from the director of our Language School that free tickets were being given away.  See video below:

The London Symphony Orchestra!!!!  We managed to park, stand in a line of thousands of people, get the last free tickets available of the 5,000 they were giving out – all in under an hour!  Eat your heart out Canada!