Day before leaving

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Bear knows something is a foot … staying close to the car so he doesn’t get left behind¡¡¡¡¡¡

Easter Victory

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He is Risen!


Snow Days!

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Last week we had 3 Snow Days where school buses were not running.

The one day the buses did run, our bus got stuck, twice!

A friend sent me this.  How do I get my hands on one of these????



This Thanksgiving …

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To all the people who support us and pray for us regularly, we want to say a huge . . . 


Our Dog, “Bear”!

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Here’s a little video of our dog “Bear” playing with our neighbour’s dog, “Nugget”!

Can you guess which one is which??!!  

“You can’t catch me!  No, you can’t catch me!”


Capture a Few Moments!

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Below is a video our team mates put together of some of the kind of ministry they are involved in. It is a trip to a very rural part of Mexico where they are going to be doing some teaching.  We are very excited to look forward to being part of the Mexico Team  and help with this kind of ministry.