Celebrating Birthdays!

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January is Birthday month for Both of Us! 

Carolyn – Jan 15  &  Phil – Jan 26  . . .  Happy 50th to both of us!

This month we are hosting our 50th Birthday Party at our house here in Puebla.  We’ve invited a whole host of people.  Hopefully, many of our next door neighbors will come and visit even if for a short while. So, if you’re in the area, you’re welcome to join us for a fun time!

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Final Travel Day

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We made it to Canada!

Day 7 pt.2

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Stopped for lunch in Ottawa on our way!

Day 4

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Hi Everyone! Spent the day in Sterling and now we are just waiting to see the Musical show …

Day 3 pt. 2

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We should be in Sterling KS around 16:00.

Bear looking for that squirrel he chased earlier this morning.