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How Excellent!

Phil had the privilege of visiting and participating in our newest group. They just started studying their first book of the Basic Level of the Seminary material in the town of Cuetzalan.  So far, there are 16 students and a couple more are interested.  Making the one large group into two smaller groups will likely be the best option for maximum participation.

The first class we looked at the basis of faith and the certainty we have in Christ.  After the class, one of the young students prayed to make a commitment of faith and commit his life completely to Jesus Christ.  It was a beautiful moment to be part of.  There was so much excitement in this class to be studying together, affirming their faith and growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.


Last week we had a couple of young people visit us here in Puebla and stay with us for 4 days.  They wanted to learn how to bake and so we spent some very full days teaching them the basics of baking.  Pretty sure it was a challenge for us all!!

The 2 fellows on the left came to visit and this photo is from one of the morning Bake’n Take mornings we had with a few others from our community. Fun!
We learned how to make Pancakes from scratch!!!

This video shows the necessary part of making hamburger patties! You gotta press them together well!!