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How Excellent!

Phil had the privilege of visiting and participating in our newest group. They just started studying their first book of the Basic Level of the Seminary material in the town of Cuetzalan.  So far, there are 16 students and a couple more are interested.  Making the one large group into two smaller groups will likely be the best option for maximum participation.

The first class we looked at the basis of faith and the certainty we have in Christ.  After the class, one of the young students prayed to make a commitment of faith and commit his life completely to Jesus Christ.  It was a beautiful moment to be part of.  There was so much excitement in this class to be studying together, affirming their faith and growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.


Last week we had a couple of young people visit us here in Puebla and stay with us for 4 days.  They wanted to learn how to bake and so we spent some very full days teaching them the basics of baking.  Pretty sure it was a challenge for us all!!

The 2 fellows on the left came to visit and this photo is from one of the morning Bake’n Take mornings we had with a few others from our community. Fun!
We learned how to make Pancakes from scratch!!!

This video shows the necessary part of making hamburger patties! You gotta press them together well!!


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July 25 – 28 Phil attended the anual Conference for the Missionary Church of Mexico (IMM). It was held in a touristy town called Chignauhampan. This was an important event to attend since this is the year to vote in an almost entirely new Board of Directors for the IMM, and to make some important connections with churches who are wanting to begin and continue their studies with the Semillas Seminary that we oversee.

Sun July 28/29 on their way back from the conference, one of the pastors, his family and brother came to Puebla to visit.  We had a lot of fun playing games and teaching them some baking skills.

Below are some photos from these special times together.

A number of the Pastors and families from La Sierra Norte where Phil travels.
The entire group who attended the conference.
Such cute faces. Learning to bake!
Learning the ins and outs of Pizza making.
This is how you roll Pizza dough.
Making sure the measurement is exact.


Grad Event

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Phil attended a High School graduation ceremony of one of our students in the Seminary program. Below are some photos from the weekend.

You don’t get to see yellow roses growing here much.
Slow down on the highway so prime opportunity for this photo shot.
A first time for everything! Humm, can’t recall the name of it!

This video is from the graduation ceremony. There was a lot of dancing and traditional celebration activities.

Canada Day Reflexiones

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Celebrated the Day with our fellow Canadian Missionaries…

ha o

Happy Canada Day

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Hi Everyone!

Wishing you all a very . . .



Bake’n Take – June

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Fun Fun Fun!

We had a full day today with our June Bake’n Take. Lots of fun! A couple of new ladies from our community and their daughters. So grateful to get to know them better.

These cupcakes were in part to celebrate Canada Day.

We made Apple Squares, Cornflake Treats, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Here’s the invite we send out:

Graduation, Baptisms & more …

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Greetings from sunny Mexico!

June has been a very busy month thus far. This past weekend while Carolyn stayed in Puebla to prepare desserts and goodies for a Father’s Day celebration at the church we attend, Phil travelled to La Sierra Norte with our Team Mate Moises Ruiz who was able to return to Mexico for a short visit. They travelled to various places participating in services and classes, and fellowship times.  They participated in a Graduation Ceremony for the three Seminary Students finishing Level 1, a baptismal service at the river for 8 candidates, were able to visit 3 classes to encourage them in their studies, preach at 3 services and enjoy a lot of good food!

Sunday Father’s Day Celebration. Carolyn made goodies and these giant cookie cakes.
Pezmata – making our journey to the river for baptisms.
This little oasis is where we held the baptismal service – Awesome!
This group of guitarists (called Redonda) led the music during the baptisms at the River.
Those who were baptized, pastors and those who assisted.
This fellow is the Pastor’s son, one of those who was baptized. What a joy it has been getting to know him.
Travelled in the van to be able to transport several people and manage the roads better. With all these vehicles around, how are we ever going to get out?
Moises preached at the graduation service.
Group of Graduates in the centre. Diana, Araceli, and Justiniano. Their Pastor on the far left and Missionary Church President next to him.
Phil and Bernabé leading the class in Zapata. This group started in January and have almost finished the first book. They are very eager to continue.
This group of 4 women are well into the second book of the introductory level. Let us introduce to you our newest Tutor Moisés (not Moises Ruiz), who has been leading this study group. It works our well since his wife is one of the students.