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Personal Update

Hi Everyone! We are grateful to be back in the swing of things again here in Mexico! You’ll note from our previous post we were away in Kansas for a month from April 21 – May 22. It was a rushed trip to help Phil’s brother who was in the ICU. You can read about…

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Creating Opportunities

Equal opportunity to learn? Not everyone has the same opportunities to study and learn! Mexcians perhaps even less so! For a host of reasons, cultural, economic, and more, most people in Mexico are at a disadvantage. As promoters and overseers of Semillas Seminary which is a Seminary by Extension (using SEAN material), our Mexican Leadership…

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Work Team & Home Set Up

Hi Folks! One month in México! Wow!  So much has happened! We’ll just give some of the highlights! On August 19 we travelled to a town called Cuetzalan where we stayed with the Work Team from Bethany EMC to help work on a building at a church in a small nearby town called San Miguel.…

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Our Video Profile

Hey Everyone!  Check out our Video Profile! It is a brief description of our calling to Mexico and our assignment.    This and any future profile videos will be a permanent feature on our About page. Also . . . Here is our Christmas Letter 2014 for your reading pleasure!

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