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Day 8

August 6 – Laredo, Texas Last night we met up with Dan Chapple and Moises Ruiz here in Laredo, TX.  Tomorrow (Friday) morning we travel to Puebla, Mexico with them.  We spent most of today inside to avoid the heat!   7:30 PM – Dinner

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Day 7

August 5 – Laredo, Texas   We have arrived!  We made it to Laredo, TX!  Besides the extreme heat in this town, we are glad to have made it this far.  We will be here for 2 nights and head across the border early Friday morning in hopes that we will make it through Customs…

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Day 6

August 4 Tomorrow we have a shorter drive from Round Rock, TX to Laredo, TX and then staying put for 2 nights as we meet up with Dan Chapple and Moises Ruiz and head through Mexico!  

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Day 5

August 3 Today we left Jackson TN and headed down I-65 to I-30 and ended up in Mt. Pleasant TX. Tomorrow we Head for Round Rock, TX – They say you can Drive 85 MPH in and around Austin, TX – Carolyn is so excited! 8:30 AM This wind chime has got to be the…

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