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Flower Power!

February is a dry month in Mexico, at least where we are here in Puebla! Most plants are dry and there are few flowers thriving. On our walk to the clinic to get our TB test checked (which came out negative By the way … ) as part of the necessary work for our transition…

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Independence Day

Yesterday, Monday, Sept 16 was Mexican Independence Day. On Sunday, we celebrated after church at the church we attend here in Puebla.  Everyone was grateful for Carolyn’s offer to make a cake. The cakes were fantastic! The big one was a vanilla cake coloured in the colours of the Mexican flag!  Not only was it…

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Pastor’s Conference

Hey Everyone! July 27 – 31 we attended the annual Pastor’s Conference of Missionary Church of Mexico in Chignahuapan.  It was a great time for us to meet most of the pastors and a few of the leaders of the churches.  The 4 days went by really fast and was a real immersion in Spanish.  We…

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First Week in Mexico

After a long journey driving to México, we spent our first week in Puebla with the Chapples.  It has been a good week connecting with people and getting to see parts of the city while attending to a number of details.  

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