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A few posts ago we featured some Mexican sights and food, mentioning that the corn tortilla is the staple Mexican food. Here is a photo of tortillas being cooked on an open fire. This is typical of what you would see in rural areas. It’s the only way to experience authentic Mexican tortillas — the…

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These days here in Mexico are beginning to get warm, well, Okay, HOT! It’s the dry season and even though we haven’t had much rain in several months, we are still enjoying the flowering trees and bushes. Below are a number of recent pics, some of which you may have seen on Facebook if you…

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Flower Power!

February is a dry month in Mexico, at least where we are here in Puebla! Most plants are dry and there are few flowers thriving. On our walk to the clinic to get our TB test checked (which came out negative By the way … ) as part of the necessary work for our transition…

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