Adding a little Spice

Time for a short update on some things we’ve been involved in over the past few months that haven’t been included in our monthly updates.

Our back patio has been a bit of work to try and make it a little bit more homey. Carolyn tried to plant some veggies this year but the only things that seem to be doing Okay are the carrots and onions. Everything else hasn’t quite made it. So, after finding a special on some flowers, Phil planted them in hopes to spruce things up a bit. This little rose bush has been doing alright so far along with a bugambilia bush (below) and a few other flower which are nameless at the moment.

One of the small projects we’ve been working on has been to provide more resources to pastors and their congregations. Primarily that means books and Bibles to help them study the Scriptures and grow in their faith. We are grateful for the small project funds that have come in from various churches and individuals who want to help in this way. We are also grateful to have a supplier here in Puebla that provides resources at a fantastic price which barely covers printing costs. Here is one church that has benefited from such study resources.

So many things to see!

Last month we had the opportunity to go to Africam Safari which is just outside of Puebla. It’s the first time we’ve been to visit the zoo with some Mexican friends of ours. It was a real treat to see and it was much bigger that we had imagined it would be!

So, if you’re wanting something to do on your next vacation to Mexico . . . !!!!


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