Independence Day

It’s been a bit since posting regularly on our website since life has been incredibly hectic over the past months. We are so grateful for the many opportunities we’ve been blessed with.

September 16 is Independence Day in Mexico!

Not May 5 (Cinco de mayo), which is actually a celebration of the battle of Puebla when the Mexicans defeated the French invaders.

So, a week ago, last Friday we celebrated Independence Day with a few of our neighbors. It wasn’t anything grandiose or spectacular. We invited folks to stop by our place for a wee chat and gave them a small tray of homemade cookies.

We set up a table in our carport and had a great time visiting with our neighbours. What a wonderful day we had for this event!

University Visit

This past weekend after our celebration of Sept 16, Phil traveled to a town on the east side of Mexico City called Texcoco to visit a student who is attending the University there. He is from one of the churches in Huitzilan where Phil often travels. It was exciting to visit him and his student colleagues in their context and encourage them in their faith. They were all very encouraged and as a result, they want to organize a group that regularly studies the Bible together so they can encourage one anther. How wonderful it was for Phil to visit and be part of this new endeavor. Please pray as he works with these students to impact their campus and communities.

Universidad Autónoma Chapingo


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