Back Home in Mexico

It’s been quite a while since posting an update on our website with some interesting things. We’ve been in Canada since November 2021 with Phil’s short 4 week return trip in Feb/Mar. A lot has happened since our last post, but be assured our regular monthly newsletter has continued during that time. You can access those from our website under “Newsletters” The latest July Newsletter has some amazing stories of new young leaders we are developing. Send us a quick email if you’d like to be added to the email list to receive it every month. Just contact us using the form on the “About” page

We returned to Mexico on June 13 and now after a couple of weeks getting settled back into ministry and life here, we look forward to some much needed vacation time.

Here are some highlights from the past month.

We attended Avant Ministries Latin American Conference in Panama at the beginning of June. It was a great time together with other missionaries from around Latin America to refocus, refresh, and reconnect. It was so important to have face to face conversations and connections with our colleagues.

Gorge on the way through Aculco

On Phil’s last ministry trip he was able to visit several groups progressing well in the studies (See recent Newsletter mentioned above). Here are some interesting highlights not mentioned.

There are often opportunities to see amazing sights along the way. On their journey to visit one of the study groups, they stopped at a gorge that went deep down from the surface area.

Carrying firewood up steep mountainous terrain.

One of the common sites is seeing local folks working in their fields and carrying things like firewood back to their homes to fuel their cooking over open fire. There is nothing like hand made tortillas cooked on a “comal” over an open fire. The flavor is altogether different and creates a unique texture. Mexicans who are working hard everyday can eat up to a Kilo of tortillas each in one meal.

Another highlight was visiting a family over dinner. They were so thrilled to have us visit them. We shared great stories, sang and prayed together. What a wonderful blessing to see how God is working in the lives of His people. They have such a deep desire to reach out to their communities so that others can know the Lord and grow in their faith.


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