Return Visit

As everyone is experiencing constant change of plans and uncertainty in what might come next, we are no exception. It seems more often than not a significant change of plan is inevitable!

Icicles hanging from our roof! With all the rain and warmer weather we had, the snow melted creating these lovely formations overnight as it turned cold!

We are grateful for all the Lord has enabled us to do in the few months we’ve been back in Canada, but there is a lot more to take care of. We will likely need to extend out time in Canada to deal with a number of things related to matters of Carolyn’s step-dad’s estate, our Home Ministry Assignment (HMA), and personal items. In order to make sure things continue to move ahead with the ministry in Mexico, Phil will be traveling back to Mexico this month for a 4 week visit. Along with full support from our Team Leader, Field Director and agency, we are certain that this trip will allow for the necessary connections and preparations for ministry to continue to move ahead for several months. During this visit, Phil will be able to help encourage a few of the groups having difficulties, meet with some new leaders and groups wanting to get started, and build further into the Leadership Development Team.

It’s been great to have our National Leadership Development Team take on additional responsibilities while we have been in Canada these past 3 months. Please pray for us as ministry opportunities have multiplied and our need for involvement has increase significantly over the past year. We want to be sure to keep momentum moving by being available when needed and investing in the best way possible.

Carolyn will be staying in Canada to attend to getting the final matters of her step-dad’s estate well under way. Please pray for the many details and difficulties she faces for what is normally a very long process.


Over the past year we have been working on making additional funding available for the work of Leadership Development in Mexico. Additional funding would allow for better resourcing and training of leadership, and at the same time take any burden off of our limited ministry budget.

Full approval has been given for this project through Avant Ministries Development Department. For more information and how to contribute the project, go to the Avant website, Mexico Leadership Development. Or, check the page on our website which will be part of the menu above, “Projects

Be sure to use the Project #71960.

For a more complete breakdown of the project budget and details, you can review the project by using the following link:

Thank you for your consideration in partnering with us through this Project. This project spans a 3 year window to keep up with the need and demand for resourcing and training leaders. Leaders will be equipped to build capacity among their own people and extend the Gospel reach into more indigenous speaking areas.

Leadership Development Mexico Team Prayer Projects Update

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