Start to a New Year . . .

January 2022 has begun a bit different for us this year.

2021 was a whirlwind experience!

View from our bedroom window!

Arriving home to Canada at the beginning of November after a very intense year of Ministry and transition to Avant Ministries, we finished the year with almost two months of even more intense travel and activity related to Carolyn’s stepdad’s memorial and Estate responsibilities. Christmas week and New Year’s week have been very quiet and restful! There’s still a host of things to attend to, but we are grateful and feeling rather blessed to be home and having some solid downtime.

Now that the most recent Covid variant (Omicron) is taking the province by storm, we anticipate that our Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) activities may start a little slower than expected. At any rate, we’ll take it as it comes and trust the Lord to work things out for His glory!

Contact with our Mexican ministry partners has continued well. Between us having very slow Internet at home (which is the fastest available – 5 Mbps tops!) and limited connectivity on their part because cell phone signal is not consistent, we’ve still been able to text and do short phone calls. Some of the groups are progressing slowly, but the great news is that several are really working hard. This week Bernabé, who is on our national Leadership Development Team, is meeting with a new group to get started studying. Praise the Lord! We’ve been trying to get that group going for months now and finally along with a new family at the church in Huitzilan, Ignacio will be their Tutor. He is one of the leaders in the church there and has wanted to be involved in studying with the Seminary (Semillas). We are grateful to see God working in this way!

We are trying very hard to enjoy the cold weather and snow falls! The scenery here on the Bruce Peninsula is just incredible! We are grateful for your prayers and continued support!


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  1. Wishing you many blessings with a warm fireplace. We have ours on almost every day.
    Take advantage with these cold temperatures to relax, enjoy this time together, and many blessings as you reconnect with your support communities. We hope we get a chance to see you before you return, OMICRON permitting. With God everything is possible!!! Un fuerte abrazo,
    Verónica y Jorge

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