Home in Canada

Going for a walk in Tudhope park, Orillia.

November has been a bit over the top in terms of travel and attending to all the details of returning to Canada. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Canada for almost a month. We’ve been traveling so much we haven’t had time or been able to get on to good internet connection to post updates. We flew home on November 10 from Mexico City to Toronto and have only been at our home in Lion’s Head for a couple short visits.

We stayed in Toronto for a few days to see about a vehicle for the next months as we will be traveling a lot during our time here. Then, we traveled to Orillia to begin attending to the details for Carolyn’s step-dad’s memorial and estate. Since everything needs to be liquidated, there is a lot of paperwork and leg work in getting things into process. We are hoping things don’t drag out with the lawyers, probate and real estate. Please be praying as we attend to all these details in the next months before making plans to return to Mexico.

Our time here in Canada will also need to include a Home Ministry Assignment (HMA). That means time for friends, family, Ministry Partners and Churches to re-establish connections and keep everyone updated with in person visits as much as possible. It also means attending to personal items such as dealing with the passing of family, personal refreshment, and keeping all of our Canadian things up to date! Sounds like a lot, eh? It is! So, please be praying for us during our time here in the homeland!

If you would like us to stop around for a visit in the New Year, please send us an email or comment on this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Prayer Update

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  1. It was good to hear you have made it safely back to Canada. Hope you get some much needed rest while you are at home, before you start travelling across Canada. Hope to see you when you get to Alberta. I am sure Rob will be in touch with you about your itinerary. All the best, God Bless you both. Bob and Loraine.

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