Popocatépetl (Popo) is only about 30 km from where we are in the city. Photo taken not far from our home.

Here in Puebla, we have an active volcano, which has been more active recently. This past week we’ve seen lots of ash and smoke billowing up from the volcano.

From our experience living in Puebla which has only been just a little over 6 years, it’s usually in the fall/winter months when we see more activity from the volcano.

So far, this year has been quite eventful with natural forces in Mexico. In August, Hurricane Grace managed to do a lot of damage hitting the Gulf coast of Mexico and in La Sierra Norte here in the state of Puebla. Last week, we experienced some of the after-affects of the earthquake on the west coast near Acapulco, which was 7.1 on the scale. The after-affects were much stronger in and around Mexico City. The most recent wave of Covid has also been hitting hard, and many in the towns where we travel have been very ill. We plan to minimize travel for the next couple months until things calm down.

Many will be celebrating Mexican Independence Day on Sept 16 (more on that next time). Please pray as many still do not understand the impact of large group gatherings on the spread of the virus.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

Mexico Facts Prayer Update

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