Please be praying for Mexico!

The following articles capture the reality of what’s been happening in Mexico the past month or so.

<< August Breaks Covid Records >>

<< Estimated Cases >>

The past couple of weeks students have been returning to school. Depending on the state and municipality, some are going back full time and others half-time online and half-time in person. There has been a lot of fear among teachers and students and from what we have heard, many families are choosing not to have their children return to school. Many schools do not have the resources to take precautionary measures like disinfecting. Many do not even have running water!

The second article gives many figures and statistics which looks as though things are improving, however, those are from government news releases, and several universities and other sources say real figures are about 5 times that. According to Federal news releases, most states are in Orange Risk Status (Sept. 3 – 0 Red, 17 Orange, 13 Yellow, 2 Green).

For us as missionaries here in Mexico, we are planning these next few months with great caution while doing our best to stay connected with our ministry contacts. September through December we plan on staying put at home as much as possible and limit travel even within Mexico for ministry purposes. The current wave of Covid has hit very hard, especially in the communities where we travel most.

Many people back in Canada have been asking if we plan to return in the near future. The answer at this point is, we are waiting until 2022 to make any official plans and see where things are at for travel.

We are going to use these next months to focus on the following:

  • Connecting with Ministry Partners back in Canada as we need to increase our support level and be at a fully funded status.
  • Spanish Language Learning at more advanced levels to help with our Spanish fluency and better meet our ministry goals for teaching.
  • Maintaining connection with ministry contacts here in Mexico with only a few in person visits, and prepare well for teaching/ministry opportunities which require significant effort.

Prayer Update

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