Caring for Family

The Call

April 20 we received a call saying Phil’s brother was in the ICU at a hospital in Kansas with kidney failure from oral surgery complications.  We quickly rearranged our personal and ministry schedules and made changes to the flights we had for May to Kansas for immediate flights so we could be with him. Within 24 hours of the news we landed in Kansas City making our way to the hospital in Wichita. Stephen’s kidney function was at 5% with low blood platelets and hemoglobin, and the doctors wondering about kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer. 

The Care

One week in ICU, needing significant amounts of blood, many tests and scans, starting Dialysis three times a week, we started to see improvement and thankfully the oral bleeding stopped.  One week in general hospital care and he was able to start Occupational and Physical Therapy to regain strength enough to stand and move around some with assistance.  The doctors highly recommended a week or two of follow up in a Rehabilitation unit in order to gain sufficient strength to be able to function at home.  One week in Rehab care.  He was walking on his own, going up and down a couple of steps, and learning how to be safe with limited strength. 

The Coming Home

Three weeks in hospital went quick, but felt like a lifetime!  We were able to bring Stephen to his home and help him for another week before heading back to Mexico. He is now set up for Physical therapy and Dialysis 3 times per week.  His doctors are very hopeful and thanks to the amazing staff at his work and folks from his church and community, things are lined up to support him for making a good recovery. We are on our way back to Mexico confident that he’ll be able to function at home and have the supports he needs. 

Thank you

We are grateful for all your prayers during this difficult time.  Your prayers and encouragements have been invaluable.  Please continue to pray for his healing, full recovery and safety. Also pray for us as we return to Puebla, Mexico, rescheduling ministry events and the host of things we have to attend. 

Friends Prayer Update

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  1. So glad for answered prayer. God is soo good. Hoping your return trip is uneventful and you can resume your ministry work knowing that Stephen is recovering well. Continuing to pray for protection for both of you.

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