Cooking tortillas on a comal

A few posts ago we featured some Mexican sights and food, mentioning that the corn tortilla is the staple Mexican food. Here is a photo of tortillas being cooked on an open fire. This is typical of what you would see in rural areas. It’s the only way to experience authentic Mexican tortillas — the real thing!

Mexico is known for its coffee. In recent years the production of coffee has increased greatly, mainly because it is a crop that pays better than most. For subsistance farmers it has been a great way to increase their income and provide for their families.

Rows of coffee plants

Some of you may not know that coffee grows in the mountains. There are various levels or altitudes where it grows. The higher the altitude, the climate, and many other factors contribute to the quality and taste of the coffee bean. Coffee is interesting because of its complexity. Below are some photos of coffee plants from the mountains of Mexico in the State of Puebla.

Flowering coffee plants
These red berries on the coffee plant are harvested, dried, and the beans are removed for roasting.

Coffee plants have a deep green leaf and for a short time have a small white flower.

Coffee beans are harvested by hand and it is very laboursome!
Mountains along the journey from Puebla to Mexico City.

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  1. SHALOM Phil and Carolyn
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the beautiful photos. May God continue to use you both to reflect HIS LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH, WISDOM etc.
    to the beautiful people of Mexico!
    Blessings in Yeshua

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