New Leaders

State of Tamaulipas, Mexico

At the beginning of April Phil travelled to Tampico in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico with the Leadership Development Team to visit several churches, pastors and groups who had been studying in the Seminary. None of the groups have been studying since before the beginning of the pandemic. Just over a year ago two pastors from that area died in a car accident. The churches have had a difficult time after losing these key leaders, but the students are eager to continue their studies and a couple of new groups are forming as well. It was a great trip!

First plane ride!

Travelling was quite the experience! Since it is such a long drive, and Mexican airlines have lowered prices to get customers, it was a huge savings to fly. The three men that went with Phil had never flown before which made for an interesting time. One of the safety precautions we take is to not travel alone, so it was great to have these guys along! They are all students in the Seminary and very capable. What an encouragement not only for Phil but for everyone at each point along the journey!

Pastor Margarito & his wife Rosa (in red), their two daughters and grand-daughter.

One highlight was encouraging this couple to continue in their leadership role as they take on the pastoral work in one of the churches who had lost their pastor just over a year ago. Margarito and his wife Rosa now pastor the church in Paso Real, about a 3 hour drive south of Tampico on the northern tip of the state of Veracurz. As students in the Seminary, they are keen to continue studying and serve as pastors in this small church despite the fact that many from their town have left to seek work in larger centers.

We are excited about investing in and developing these new leaders!

Leadership Development Prayer SEAN Update

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