These days here in Mexico are beginning to get warm, well, Okay, HOT! It’s the dry season and even though we haven’t had much rain in several months, we are still enjoying the flowering trees and bushes. Below are a number of recent pics, some of which you may have seen on Facebook if you frequent there.


We have lots of these bushes all around the parks and streets near our home in Puebla.

These bushes can grow into more like trees and come in a variety of bight colours like red, pink, orange and this one is probably a favourite!

Amazing white flowers!

Not sure what the name of this tree is, but they grow really big and its flowers are very large as well. It’s was hard to find a flower that wasn’t covered in bees. These trees we haven’t seen near our home at all but this one was in a park Phil visited on a Ministry Trip to Alculco, in the State of Mexico. That town also makes amazing atesenal cheeses!

Jacaranda Tree

Now these trees are just incredible!

They are not native to Mexico, they were imported years ago, but they are vibrant at this time of year despite the dry season, and they line the centre of a number of streets near our home. They are certainly one of our favourite trees. The purple flowers as so stunning!

Known to us as Gorditas!

Here is a real taste of Mexico!

These yummy morsels are known by different names throughout Mexico, some call them picaditas and are usually small and have pinched edges which is where they get that name. We know them as gorditas and they come in various sizes, some with beans inside the corn tortilla base, and some without. Usually with salsa verde or salsa roja (green salsa or red salsa)! Add some chopped onion and grated cheese, and there you have it! Pretty sure the secret is to cook them over an open fire on a comal (grill).

They are a little slice of paraíso (heaven)!

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  1. Nice Jacaranda, they grow here in South Africa too, but they’re really at their best up in Harare
    in Zimbabwe.

    Visiting from


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