Creating Opportunities

Equal opportunity to learn? Not everyone has the same opportunities to study and learn! Mexcians perhaps even less so! For a host of reasons, cultural, economic, and more, most people in Mexico are at a disadvantage.

Phil with Bernabé and Moisés starting a new Seminary group (March 2021) with a family in Temascalcingo, in the state of Mexico. We are thankful for this opportunity of seeing our vision to extend into more of Central Mexico become a reality!

As promoters and overseers of Semillas Seminary which is a Seminary by Extension (using SEAN material), our Mexican Leadership Development Team is giving opportunity to this couple and their two teenage boys as they begin studying God’s Word in greater depth. Their studies will help them grow in their faith, be able to disciple new believers and become better leaders in their church and community. It’s exciting to see God at work in this family and see their commitment to study and learn.

Discipleship Leadership Development Mexico Team Prayer SEAN Update

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