Building Team

This lineup of guys ready and willing to serve! What does it take?

It takes long term investment to build a willing and effective team!

Leadership group from Aocozota Church, the mountains of Puebla Mexico.

For 30 years a church in the mountains of Puebla, Mexico (Aocozota) has struggled to be well established in God’s Word. The pastor (far left), and previous ones have done their best to teach and care for their own people. Over the past two years, they have begun to study in the Seminary Program SEAN. At first, a discipleship focus on the fundamentals. Then, they began Level 1 which focuses on the Life and Ministry of Jesus. They are now well along in the middle of this level and beginning to realize through their study of the Bible, how Jesus built a team of disciples. They were developed into leaders who were commissioned to go out into their communities, surrounding towns, and ultimately to the ends of the world.

It’s exciting to see how God changes and transforms us through His Word! This leadership group is investing the time and energy as they follow the example of Jesus to be trained in their faith, and see lives transformed by God’s grace. It takes a strong commitment to learn and put that learning into practice.

Discipleship Leadership Development Prayer SEAN Update

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