Cupcake Delights

Yummy! Cupcake delights!

Over the last couple of days Carolyn has been creating some delightful cupcakes! Vanilla cupcakes with fluffy white merengue icing! She was asked to prepare them for one of our neighbours’ birthday.

Vanilla mini-cupcakes smothered in chocolate!

As a bit of an experiment, these mini-cupcakes came out as well covered in chocolate! They were even more delicious!

We are delighted to be able to share these wonderful things with our friends, neighbours and bless those we are ministering to here in Mexico! We sure wish we could share them in real time with you all! You know, have a dessert pot-luck of sorts! Blessings on you all and may God bless you as you find ways to bless your neighbours!

Here’s the cupcake recipe:

Baking Prayer Update

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