Intentional Plan

Pablo, his wife Paulina and their family live in a town called Huitzilin, in the mountain areas of Puebla, Mexico where work is often hard to find. Many have no other option than to leave their family and go work in the city or places where construction is flourishing. Leaving for any long periods of time not only puts pressure on the family, it complicates everything. This family decided to make ministry a priority in their community. They made an intentional plan to sustain their family and set up a little store of essential items for their community to bring in a regular flow of income.

Intentionality for God’s glory!

After a lot of hard work, help from family and some local missionaries, they are now expanding their store to meet even greater needs and using some of their revenue to help the most needy who can’t afford the basic necessities of life! It’s allowed them to stay vitally connected and more involved in their community, enjoy a healthy family life, and thrive as workers in their local church.

Pablo is co-pastor at their church and has many responsibilities in ministry, leading the music and several study groups, as well as regular visitation and preaching. He loves being a pastor and is very good at it. The church is growing and becoming a model for Team Ministry which is very counter-culture, something that is much needed in a society that tends to focus on the “one-man-show”.

This family’s story is really all about being intentional about their priorities for ministry, family and reaching their community – making a plan that reaches beyond immediate needs! We are so blessed to have this couple and their family demonstrate good leadership values in their church and community.

Leadership Development Prayer Update

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  1. What encouraging news. When Christ is our priority, our needs are supplied. Today we are voting regarding a new pastor for Almaguin Church. Covid has delayed this and the board has put together a plan for it to take place. Praying for God’s will. sermon by prospective pastor – Terry Anger.

    Blessings, Jeanne

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