Pandemic Update

It’s been right about one year living with the reality of Covid-19 pandemic around the world, and here in Mexico we’ve seen the effects of it ravaging the nation. There’s really not much benefit trying to compare how bad it has been in different places, other than to acknowledge that many have died and suffered greatly, and each country and locality has responded uniquely given it’s culture and ability.

For Mexico, the pandemic has just complicated further the corruption, violence, natural disasters, poverty and limited even further the ability to respond in a cripled health care system. Statistical figures are confusing because officially cases have numbered just over 2 million. Figures from official universtiy studies show that cases are really at a minimum of over 17 million cases and perhaps up to 53 million. Death toll is somewhere around 180,000 fatalities which include all infectious desease related cases. Here’s an interesting article from Mexico Daily News.

Mexico City has been hit the hardest during the entire time with hospitals now at maximum capacity and restrictions in place except for essential services.

Just prior to Christmas when vacation times began, we saw further restrictions here in Puebla with a curfew from 8:00 pm – 5:30 am where any public service was to be shut down. Things are starting to open up more now.

The information in this update sounds similar to many places around the world and we are all oversaturated by Covid news. Please pray for Mexico as well, knowing that many are suffering even more by the complications of povery and blatant corruption. Many, many have died and we don’t take lightly what that means for us all. We are fine, following protocall proceedures, and taking extra precaution. God is doing amzaing things despite the pandemic all around us and for that we are grateful and honoured.

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