Facilitate Learning…

In our Leadership Development here in Mexico, we don’t just provide material and information for the leaders and students we work with, we focus on learning! That means, we work to facilitate the learning and application of God’s Word in daily life.

Learning! It's the most important part of the education process!  At least, it should be!  
Learning to Facilitate!

Josué is one of the Pastors and Tutors in our Seminary by Extension – SEAN.

He facilitates a group of 5 students and another group of 4 students, each group at different levels of study. The first group just finished Level 2 of the Seminary program which focuses on developing leaders to teach. They are thrilled to be starting the final Level and really apply what they are learning. The second group has finished the Introduction Level which is more of a Discipleship process and have just started Level 1 focusing on the Life and Ministry of Jesus.

It’s exciting to see these students begin to flourish as they acquire skills to learn and not just reiterate information!

Leadership Development Prayer SEAN Update

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  1. I think we need a loy more of this kind of teaching/learning right here too! I feel we have been weak on discipleship at Almaguin. Jeanne

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