Finishing up 2020

Greetings from Mexico! Here we are flying through December already! 2020 is coming to an end and hopefully 2021 will bring brighter days and a sense of greater things on the horizon!

October and November were very busy months for ministry. Lots of traveling and connecting with groups from ministry. Carolyn made loads of goodies primarily for sharing on ministry trips – always so well received! December will be much quieter for us. We’ve been taking some much needed down time to recoup and rest.

At the beginning of December, Phil returned from a long trip to Central Mexico and was very encouraged by the time there. One of the churches has a great group of young people who are studying with the Seminary and they are also keen on studying with Phil online doing a Bible Study each week.

These are some of the Young People involved in the online Bible Study along with their regular Seminary studies!
This group was so excited to have finished the first book of the Seminary Course! They are very eager to continue and really put into practice what they are learning!

A few weeks ago Phil had the privilege of having dinner with this young family. Pastor Ernesto and his wife are a new Pastoral couple. They have been students for a few years with the Seminary and now have been asked to Pastor a church in a nearby town. They are such a sweet couple and glad to have the training of the Seminary as a strong preparation for ministry in this new role!

These huge pine trees are a reminder of Canada! Kinda makes ya feel at home!


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