Overdue Update

So much has happened in the past month, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Mexico is still seeing many new cases of the pandemic but where we are and in the areas Phil travels things seem to really be calming down at least from what we hear. Our apologies for not posting sooner and for a shortage of photos, but Phil’s phone has been acting out for some time and not able to manage simple functions without a lot of hassle. We finally had to replace it this past week.

Carolyn has been on what seems like a baking Marathon to keep up with requests and having goods on hand to bless people with. We have certainly been blessed to be connecting with so many people!

Phil has been on the road quite a lot and very pleased to see almost all of the students in the Seminary return to their groups and studies. It’s been difficult for most of the students for various reasons. Some are finding it hard to adapt to pandemic protocols but surprisingly, it seems to be going well. Some are really struggling with finding enough work and have to go to more urban centers for lengthy periods of time. Some students are finding it difficult to discipline themselves for studying after such a long break. Given all the stresses and difficulties the pandemic has brought this year, we are amazed at all God is doing in the lives of His people and how so many are seeking the Lord.

Two highlights that have been so encouraging . . .

First, Phil has been able to start an Online Study for Youth. This kind of Bible Study is really necessary to help young people interact with the Bible and find ways to apply Biblical truths to their lives. We are starting with 3 teens and the goal is to have 4 to 6 studying and then every 4 to 6 weeks meet together for a visit.

Second, we’ve put together a Leadership Development Team. Two of the leaders are keen to be part of this team and we are looking for one more to join us. The goal is to eventually pass more leadership responsibility of our Seminary student groups to the Leadership Team. We are still figuring out the details of how it will work, but it’s exciting to see how this has come together through the Lord’s direction.


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  1. Hi Phil and Carolyn,

    Who’s on this Leadership Development Team?

    And as you head into Christmas, let’s get a time booked, please. Can you check your calendars for the week of Dec 7-11?

    Thanks, and God give you peace…


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    CHECKING THIS ACCOUNT Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern Time


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