Visit Highlights

Hello folks! We pray God’s blessing for you all! It’s such a privilege to be part of what God is doing in the lives of people and we get to see it firsthand here in Mexico!

We had the honor of having Freddy come to Puebla for a few days to visit. He is one of the students studying with us in the Seminary in Cuetzalan. It was wonderful to host him in our home while he was able to get some things done here in the city for his new tours.

Freddy came to visit and shared some exotic tree nuts known only in the sierra where he lives near Cuetzalan. They were very yummy!
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One pastoral couple, Pablo and his wife Paulina are thrilled to be studying with us in the Seminar by Extension (SEAN). God has enabled them to be more active in the ministry of their church in Huitzilan as they operate a small store which they have been able to expand. This additional traffic at their storefront will help to provide a more stable income for their family.

Pastor Pablo and his wife Paulina.


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