Fresh Start

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It’s always good to have a fresh start on things, whether it’s starting something new, getting a renewed perspective on things, or beginning a project from scratch. So it is with the Christian life, a fresh start on studying God’s Word or a new routine or discipline to pray is exactly what we need to be refreshed in our spirit.

Pastor Ponciano here in this picture with Pastor Bernabé has been asking us to start a new group in his town of Talzintan about a 30 min drive higher into the mountains beyond that of the furthest Seminary Study groups. 

It was great for Phil to preach at their small church a couple of weeks ago and then get them registered and oriented to the Seminary. They were so excited to be able to get going on their studies. 

Higher up the mountains means further from cell phone signal and internet access.  Pastor Ponciano has committed to maintaining contact when he goes to the larger towns where there is better access to maintain contact.  It is so great to see such enthusiasm to study the Bible!

Freddy and his daughter Samantha are enjoying more time together as especially during these past few months.  Freddy is one of the Seminary students in Cuetzalan and enjoys practicing his English, and sharing his passion for the history and culture of Mexico.  He is also learning and growing in his faith as a result of reconnecting with the church and his studies. Samantha enjoys more time with her dad and grandparents now as she has started at school – mostly online!  at the small school near their home.  God is doing amazing things in their lives!


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