Ministry Story

We wanted to share this story with you all last month, but life was a bit crazy with our move and preparations for our 30th Anniversary celebration. 

Almost exactly one year ago, Pastor Josué and his family came to our home here in Puebla to visit and primarily to spend some time learning to bake. IMG_6532

His wife, Alejandra has had a keen interest in baking but was not able to do much until they fixed their oven. When they visited, Carolyn demonstrated how to make various things, pizza, banana bread and cookies. It was an intense couple of days, but we had a good time of learning and visiting.

Last month, Phil was able to visit them in their home in Cuetzalan.  Since restrictions in their town are still preventing large group gatherings, it was good to stop by and encourage them. Alejandra was in the process of making pizza!  What a surprise!  Josué works selling Elotes but it has been difficult due to restrictions selling food and tourism has ground to a halt which has been a large part of their business.

IMG_6529Now they are making pizza too and doing very well!  This has really helped supplement their income.  Not only are they making pizza, Alejandra is teaching people in other towns to make pizza to sell. 

One of our goals as missionaries in Mexico is to build capacity.  That means teaching others (nationals) and enabling them to teach others.  In the process of Capacity Building the goal is teach a skill, help them develop and maintain it as well as be able to teach others for sustainability.  This example of teaching how to make pizza is just one concrete example of what we do.  When it comes to teaching students and discipling new believers, the process is usually much, much longer but we strive for the same kinds of results – teaching nationals and enabling them to pass on what they have learned to others.


We are so grateful to be part of what God is doing here!

Ministry Story Prayer Update

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  1. SHALOM Phil and Carolyn
    Both of you are such wonderful examples of the Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom as HE uses both of you
    as HIS VESSELS to pour HIS LOVE , GRACE, TRUTH ETC., through you to BLESS others..
    May HE continue to GUIDE, EMPOWER, PROTECT and use both of you in your Ministry.
    Blessings in YESHUA

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