Moving & 30th Anniversary

Greetings from Mexico!

IMG_6591Our apologies for not posting anything for the last month. Life has been incredibly busy for us.

The las two weeks of July we spent getting ready to move and then it all happened pretty quick the last couple days of the month. We moved just a few doors down on the same street and community. This was definitely a gift from God!  We are saving on rent and utilities by moving.  It is also a much nicer house with way more storage space and a much more functional kitchen for Carolyn.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 20.50.57

Then, this month we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!  It turned out to be a whole weekend event for us with preparations and hosting an outdoor Come & Go Reception in front of our new home. We set things up so everyone was able to maintain healthy distances, wear masks and use plenty of hand sanitizer!   As well, we put desserts out in individualized wrappers and took all precautions to make things safe for everyone!



On Friday, some folks from our community stopped by to give us this gift set of Talevera Pottery that is made here in Puebla!  Wow! We were so surprised and grateful to receive this joint gift from our neighbours!

We are grateful to the Lord for being able to remain in our community without having to move somewhere else and start all over again getting to know people.

30 years has gone so fast!  It is amazing to see all that the Lord has brought us through.24010f6d-6f8d-4e37-9f6e-3547d617e235



On Sunday, we hosted a Come & Go reception out front of our house.  It was great to have people pass by and still be able to visit with them (at a distance). Thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes by cards, email. text, phone calls, Facebook and gifts. We are thrilled to be part of what God is doing here in Mexico and for all your encouragement.

Carolyn even did a demonstration of how to make Brownies.  For the recipe, check out Carolyn’s baking website,

Carolina de Canadá.



Thanks for all your prayers and support! 

We appreciate you partnering with us!


Anniversary Prayer Update

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