Encouraging Others

Hi Everyone!  The last few weeks have been quite busy and some travel as well.

Phil travelled to Acambay in the State of Mexico with some leaders from the mountains.  It was a great time to encourage the Pastors and Leaders who have been very isolated over the past several months.

IMG_6463It’s great to be part of what God is doing, and to share time with these fellows on the ministry trip was a real highlight. We can never underestimate the value of visiting and encouraging others. Even during this time of of great caution with imposed restrictions as we travel and visit, we were able to be a blessing and encourage the Pastors, leaders and Seminary students we have maintained contact with.

Please pray for Mexico!  Pray for us as missionaries as well as the people who desire to know the Lord more during this time.


One of the highlights from the trip was a visit to a church where Pablo shared an encouraging message with those who attended.  Although we were few, God used our time together to bless his people.

Pray for the Pastors as they struggle to stay connected with their people.  Many churches are limited to very small gatherings or not at all.  Most often their only connection is through cellphone which can be intermittent at best.  Despite the difficulties they face, an increase in number of people are seeking the Lord during this time and inquiring about how to know more.  Praise the Lord!

Also, check out Carolyn’s Baking Website for a new recipe at Carolina de Canada . com

Oh! On another positive note, we are in the throws of getting ready to move to another house in our community.  It has definitely been a gift from God for this opportunity to save money on rent, move to a bigger space with more storage and is definitely well maintained by the owner who we’ve been able to get to know better as one of our neighbours.  More on that once we’ve actually moved at the beginning of August!

Acambay Prayer Update

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