Starting Travel / Cookie Recipe

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe while getting to the things we nee do be about doing! Carolyn has another recipe to share with you, so check the link for the video recipe!  Carolina de Canadá

Phil was able to start back traveling a bit for ministry this past weekend and what a treat that was! Below is a slide show of some of the interesting things from that trip! He was able to visit several of the pastors and leaders in the mountains to encourage them. After such a long few months of not being able to connect in person and not gather at church for meetings, they were all thrilled and encouraged by the visit, teaching, preaching and prayer times shared together.

Carolyn’s baking classes are seeing results. The one pastor’s wife you see in the slides is learning to bake Pizza to sell as part of their business and cakes for everyone to enjoy! Carolina de Canadá



Prayer Teaching Trip Update

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