Update & Famous Recipe

Hi Folks!  A quick update to say that we are fine.

Things here in Mexico are somewhat uncertain with regards to the COVID-19 situation. Reports are saying that we still haven’t reached the peak of the Virus cases. Mexico City is being hit very hard and yet the government is pushing to open things up. Some say Mexico won’t hit a peak until August or September.  Here in Puebla there seems to be a lot more people out and about and starting June 1 is what is likely to be Stage 1 of opening up here.  Pray for God’s continued protection and wisdom in ministry opportunities in the coming weeks. 

We have missed our Bake’n Take Events, so we’ve been putting together Recipe Videos to share. Below is one we’ve been asked for.

Pulled Pork Recipe / Receta de Cerdo Deshebrado

This is probably our favourite meat dish yet! Give it a try!

Here’s the recipe:   English:  Pulled Pork     Español:  Cerdo Deshebrado



Or go to Carolina de Canada.com


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