Acambay Mexico

Lots of Travel this month!

So great to see new students keen to study! Such a good time visiting and sharing with the churches and students in La Sierra Norte of Puebla, Feb 14-16 and then in Acambay, Feb 21-23!

Feb 14-16   Phil travelled with Dan to La Sierra Norte to connect with a number of different Pastors and groups, and to also visit Pastor Sabastian, the former President of the Missionary Church in Mexico. He has been in hospital from a stroke. He has been taken home to recuperate, but is still experiencing a lot of paralysis, confined to bed and unable to speak. The doctors want to see his platelets increase before taking him to the city of Puebla for further tests and appointments.  Please be praying for him and his family during this difficult time.

Came across this waterfall having gone too far down one road after missing our turnoff.
Xochiapulco a small town about 45 min from Zacapoaxtla where we travel in the mountains of Puebla. Phil and Dan travelled there to visit the church and encourage them during this difficult time when their Pastor, Sabastian is not well.
Dan helping with the preaching in Xochiapulco, the church that Pastor Sabastian pastors


Last weekend, Feb 20-24  Phil travelled with two leaders from the state of Puebla to Acambay in the state of Mexico, and to San Juan del Río in the state of Querétaro. Along with Bernabé and Moisés, Phil met with two groups to register the students and begin their first lessons together.

Went to the market with Pastors Gregorio and his wife Lilia not far from Acambay
Pastor Lilia at the market
This large group began studying with the Seminary. About 8 students were missing, but we hope this will develop into 3 groups!

This group represents 3 churches (the 3 groups together). They are very keen and hope that others will want to join or start another group before too long!

From Acambay, they travelled to San Juan del Río in the state of Querétaro to visit another group of students wanting to start studying. The church has only been meeting for about a year and they are eager to learn more of God’s Word.

We took a little detour to see the San Andrés Fault not too far from San Juan del Río.
Some absolutely amazing scenery.
Moisés preached at the church service before we met with the new Seminary students.
We weren’t sure this group was ready to begin, but after presenting the Seminary material, they could hardly wait to begin. They prepared a huge meal for us to share in! Wow!

Carolyn has been busy baking goodies for Phil to take and share with the groups and churches he’s been visiting. That’s a lot of baked goods!

Feb 25-26   Phil and Carolyn travelled to Mexico City to finish up our part for our Permanent Residency VISAS. That means we will be permanent residents of Mexico and we won’t have to do any more renewals!  Yay! We should have our new cards by early next week!

This tree was just outside the Immigration office in Mexico City – a gorgeous display of God’s handiwork!

Acambay Prayer Update

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  1. Thanks – I do love your eye for beauty!

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  2. So nice to see these informative photos. It appears that you, Phil and Carolyn, will soon be the main resources from Canada for the Mexican churches we are connected with. We are certainly thankful for your presence there, and the progress you have made in becoming equipped for this leadership. The Lord has promised good to us. May this be especially so for you!

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